In general, conifers are evergreen and cone-bearing. They can have needles or scale-like leaves. Although there are a few that are not evergreen, the majority are. There is an enormous diversity of greens, yellows and greys to brighten your garden throughout the year. There are all sort of sizes, shapes and colours of conifers, they are not very demanding and easy to maintain. Conifers have more than demonstrated their value in gardens.

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Columnaris

Blue conifer, suitable for hedging or free-standing. Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Columnaris is often referred to as blue spruce, but it is not a true blue spruce. Planting time is from the end of September to the beginning of May. It is best to dress from mid-May to the beginning of July with conifer fertilizer and prune in June. Can also be supplied as rooted cuttings on contract basis.

Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd

The Thuja Occidentalis, Latin for ‘tree of life’, is the first tree of American origin that was introduced to Europe. It is particularly hardy in winter thanks to its ability to produce the pigment anthocyanin at low temperatures, colouring the leaves drab brown. Also available as young plants in open ground or p9.
Can also be supplied as rooted cuttings on contract basis.

Thuja Occidentalis Brabant

Thuja Brabant is an excellent plant for high or low hedging. If you trim the conifers properly and regularly, they will quickly form a tight evergreen hedge. Untrimmed and free-standing, the Thuja Brabant grows to become a medium-sized tree with a small conical crown. The Thuja Brabant can tolerate full sun and half shade and normal annual growth is about 25 to 30 cm.  Also available as young plants in open ground or p9. Can also be supplied as rooted cuttings on contract basis.

Taxus Baccata

Taxus is a member of the yew family taxaceae and occurs naturally in Dutch woodlands. Taxus thrives in light shade and is very hardy in winter. The Taxus forms a heavy continuous trunk with lots of side branches and can grow to become extremely old, sometimes more than 1000 years. The fact that Taxus lends itself so well to pruning has made it very popular for hedges and topiary.

Taxus Baccata pot-grown

Tree nursery Arno van Nunen B.V. also supplies Taxus Baccata in p9 pots. These plants that we propagate ourselves have the advantage that they can be planted throughout the year.

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